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<meta name="description" content="Harambee is the single student volleyball club of Enschede, connected to the University of Twente. Come visit us during the Kick-In!">
<title>Harambee - Student volleybal in Enschede!</title>
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<h2>Our try-outs are:</h2>
<li>Tuesday September 4th, 18:00</li>
<li>Thursday September 6th, 19:30</li>
<li>Thursday September 6th, 20:00</li>
<a href="https://goo.gl/forms/5K1IZwAOscE17Vwj2" role="button" class="btn btn-lg btn-tryout" aria-pressed="true">
<strong>Join the try-outs!</strong>
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<p class="text-left">Harambee offers volleyball practise and matches at any level. Are you a beginner? Be welcome to join! We all have to start somewhere, right? Are you an advanced player? Then you'll also certainly feel at home in a higher team.</p>
<ul class="text-left">
<li><strong>Men's teams</strong> play matching from the Dutch 3<sup>e</sup> Divisie to 3<sup>e</sup> Klasse.</li>
<li><strong>Ladies' teams</strong> play levels reaching from 1<sup>e</sup>> Klasse to 4<sup>e</sup> Klasse.</li>
<li><strong>Ladies' teams</strong> play levels reaching from 1<sup>e</sup> Klasse to 4<sup>e</sup> Klasse.</li>
<li><strong>Mix teams</strong> participate in an internal competition and is generally of beginner to intermediate level.</li>
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<h3>You will get to know all kinds of people who share at least one interest with you: <strong>volleyball</strong>.</h3>
<p>You will find them at:</p>
<ul class="no-bullet">
<li class="beer"><strong><i class="fas fa-beer"></i> The team presentations:</strong> where every team presents itself to the rest of the association.</li>
<li class="beer"><strong><i class="fas fa-beer"></i> The team presentations:</strong> where every team presents itself to the rest of the club.</li>
<li class="cocktail"><strong><i class="fas fa-cocktail"></i> The yearly prom:</strong> where you are definitely going to have that high wine or high cocktail with your crush.</li>
<li class="trophy"><strong><i class="fas fa-trophy"></i> Every home-matches weekend:</strong> where your fellow volleyball friends are playing their matches. Cheer them to the top! That's what Harambee stands for!</li>
<li class="moon"><strong><i class="fas fa-moon"></i> Harambee's monthly night out:</strong> every first Thursday we get away from the Sports Centre, and have a drink (or two) in the city.</li>
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