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<h2><i class="fas fa-calendar-alt"></i></h2>
<h2>Our try-outs are:</h2>
Tuesday 1 September <i>(time TBA)</i><br>
Thursday 3 September <i>(time TBA)</i>
Tuesday 7 September <i>(time TBA)</i><br>
Thursday 9 September <i>(time TBA)</i>
<a href="https://forms.gle/Ji7RAFv3MKWFkuQs8" role="button" class="btn btn-sm btn-tryout shadow" aria-pressed="true">
<strong><i class="fas fa-pencil-alt"></i> Join the try-outs!</strong>
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<strong><i class="fas fa-pencil-alt"></i> Come back soon to register</strong>
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<h2 style="padding-bottom: 10px;">Kick-In program 2020</h2>
<h2 style="padding-bottom: 10px;">Kick-In programme 2021</h2>
<ul class="list-unstyled">
<h5 class="kick-in_content">Online Sports pubquiz</h5>
<p>Thursday August 20th - 20:00</p>
<a role="button" class="btn btn-sm btn-tryout shadow" href="https://youtu.be/q9gZKyvIjvQ">View on <i class="fab fa-youtube"></i> YouTube <i class="fas fa-external-link-square-alt"></i></a>
<h5 class="kick-in_content">Beach workshops</h5>
<p>Thursday, August 20th<br>12:00 - 16:00</p>
<p>Friday, August 21st<br>10:00 - 14:00</p>
<p>Saturday, August 22nd<br>12:00 - 16:00</p>
<p>Sunday, August 23rd<br>10:00 - 17:00</p>
<h5 class="kick-in_content">Opening market</h5>
<p>Wednesday, August 25th</p>
<h5 class="kick-in_content">Harambee Night Out</h5>
<p>Wednesday, August 25th - 21:00</p>
<h5 class="kick-in_content">Sports Games and BBQ</h5>
<p>Friday, August 27nd<br>12:00 - 20:00</p>
<h5 class="kick-in_content">Sports party</h5>
<p>Friday, August 27nd - 21:00</p>
<h5 class="kick-in_content">Chilling @ Rutbeek</h5>
<p>Sunday, August 29th - 12:00</p>
<h5 class="kick-in_content">Campus Experience [Master program]</h5>
<p>Monday, August 30th</p>
<h5 class="kick-in_content">Kick-Out Festival</h5>
<p>Thursday, September 2nd</p>
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<p class="text-left">Harambee offers volleyball practise and matches at any level. Are you a beginner? Be welcome to join! We all have to start somewhere, right? Are you an advanced player? Then you'll also certainly feel at home in a higher team.</p>
<ul class="text-left">
<li><strong>Men's teams</strong>: 3<sup>e</sup> Divisie to 3<sup>e</sup> Klasse.</li>
<li><strong>Ladies' teams</strong>: Promotieklasse to 4<sup>e</sup> Klasse.</li>
<li><strong>Ladies' teams</strong>: 3<sup>e</sup> Divisie to 4<sup>e</sup> Klasse.</li>
<li><strong>Mixed teams</strong> participate in an internal competition and is generally of beginner to intermediate level.</li>