Een simpele webpagina die zo duidelijk mogelijk de maatregelen omtrent COVID-19 bij Harambee communiceert.
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<meta property="og:description" content="Information regarding COVID-19 measures and playing at Harambee">
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<title data-localize="title">Harambee - COVID-19 rules</title>
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<h2 data-localize="page-title">Information regarding COVID-19 rules at Harambee.</h2>
<p id="subtitle">The University has published some rules so that we can play our favourite sport safely. You find them summarized on this page.</p>
<p>If any questions persist after reading this page, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to the board: <a href=""></a>.</p>
<p><em>Last update: October 8, 2020.</em> <a href="">Changelog</a></p>
<a href="" role="button" class="btn btn-tryout" aria-pressed="true">
<i class="fas fa-file-pdf"></i> COVID-19 rules
<a href="index.html" role="button" class="btn btn-tryout" aria-pressed="true">
<i class="fas fa-language"></i> Deze info in het Nederlands
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<h2>For all sporters</h2>
<ul class="list-unstyled">
<li><i class="fas fa-hands-wash"></i> Wash your hands before and after practice and matches.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-people-arrows"></i> Apart from rallys, keep a 1,5 metre distance to one another. Also when you're in the dug-out.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-head-side-cough-slash"></i> Please don't yell within 1,5 metres of one another.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-volleyball-ball"></i> After practice and matches, the used balls have to be disinfected.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-head-side-mask"></i> When traveling to a match by car, all passengers are strongly advised to wear a face mask.</li>
<div class="animated fadeInUp faster alert alert-member shadow">
<h2>For visiting teams</h2>
<ul class="list-unstyled">
<li><i class="fas fa-head-side-mask"></i> Upon entering the accommodation, it is strictly advised to wear a face mask until the start of the warming up. Persons that are in the dug-out are also advised to wear a mask.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-user-clock"></i> Your team cannot enter the sports hall when another team is still playing. Please wait before entering the hall until it is cleared.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-handshake-alt-slash"></i> We don't shake hands before matches.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-tshirt"></i> It is advised to change into sports gear before coming to the accommodation.</li>
<div class="animated fadeInDown fast alert alert-tryouts shadow">
<h3>Facilities <em>Universitair Sportcentrum</em></h3>
<ul class="list-unstyled">
<li><i class="fas fa-person-booth"></i> Changing rooms are <em>not</em> available.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-shower"></i> The showers are also <em>not</em> available.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-user-clock"></i> On match days, we try to arrange waiting spaces for guest-teams. Please seek information at the Corona-coordinator.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-users-slash"></i> The halls and stands are closed for all visitors and spectators.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-coffee"></i> As per government regulations, the Sports Cafe is closed from September 29th until further notice.</li>
<h3>Facilities <em>Diekmanhal</em></h3>
<ul class="list-unstyled">
<li><i class="fas fa-person-booth"></i> Changing rooms <em>are</em> available, but with limited capacity. Max. 6 persons per room.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-shower"></i> Max. 4 persons at once in the showers.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-users-slash"></i> The hall and stands are closed for all visitors and spectators.</li>
<li><i class="fas fa-coffee"></i> As per government regulations, the Diekman Cafe is closed from September 29th until further notice.</li>
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<div class="alert alert-member shadow text-center">
<p>I have read and understood the information.</p>
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<i class="fas fa-check-circle"></i> To the regular website.
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