Information regarding COVID-19 rules at Harambee.

The University, in cooperation with Harambee, has published some rules so that we can play our favourite sport safely. You find them summarized on this page.

If any questions persist after reading this page, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to the board:

Last update: November 30, 2020. Changelog

COVID-19 rules Deze info in het Nederlands

The basic rules

  • Wash your hands before and after practice and matches.
  • Always keep a 1,5 metre distance to one another. Also when you're in the dug-out.
  • Please don't yell within 1,5 metres of one another.
  • After practice and matches, the used balls have to be disinfected.
  • When walking to the sports hall, you are supposed to wear a face mask.

Facilities Universitair Sportcentrum

  • Changing rooms are not available.
  • The showers are also not available.
  • The halls and stands are closed for all visitors and spectators.
  • As per government regulations, the Sports Cafe is closed from September 29th until further notice.


  • Please do not arrive at the Sports Centre earlier than 5 minutes before your practise.
  • At the start of each practise, groups of four will be formed.
  • On each side of the net, there may be one group of four, which means one full court houses at most 8 people.
  • These groups are immutable, and do change or shuffle during the course of the practise.
  • On the court, there are no-go zones, indicated visually. Please respect those at all times.

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